Roof Deicing & Ice Dam Prevention

WarmQuest heated roof systems can prevent ice dams

Our roof deicing products protect your roof by preventing ice dams, snow and ice buildup, and snow load related hazards. With the only systems in the industry listed to melt snow and ice from under your roof covering, you can keep your roof safe without visible cables.

Installed Beneath Roofing Materials

  • Low voltage systems listed for installation under roofing material.

  • Ice free roof with no messy cables.

  • Can be paired with our line voltage cables in gutters and downspouts.

Expert Insights Bring You the Perfect Solution

  • Roof deicing tailored to your exact needs.

  • Designed to climate and other factors to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Combat ice dams, icicles, and more!

For more on specific roof deicing applications and products, see the options below. 

  • WarmQuest heated roof products melting ice from underneath shingles

    Heating Under Asphalt Shingles, Slate, Cedar Shake, and Membrane Roofs

    Warmquest's unique heated roof products are the only roof deicing systems listed to melt snow and ice from beneath your roofing material. For asphalt shingles, cedar shake, slate, or membrane materials, our products offer safe, reliable heating that stays out of sight. 

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  • WarmQuest's roof deicing melts ice dams from underneath metal roof coverings

    Deicing for Metal Roofing Materials

    Warmquest carries roof deicing products designed for installation under standing seam, metal shingles and other conductive roofing materials. These products provide safe and effective roof deicing without the clutter of cables installed above roofing materials.  

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  • WarmQuest's deicing cable prevents ice dams on roofs

    Deicing Gutters and Downspouts

    Warmquest carries products for gutter and downspout deicing and heat tracing. Our cables can also be used for roof deicing on top of roofing materials, scuppers and roof drains. 

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