Pedestal Paver Snow Melt System




The Pedestal Paver Snow Melt System allows our Hott-Wire MI cable to be paired with Pedestal Pavers on roofs, decks, platforms, and more for snow melting purposes.

Pedestal Pavers

The Pedestal Paver Snow Melt System is a one of a kind solution that allows electric resistance heating to be paired with pedestal paver systems. The system provides an effective heatsink which draws heat from our Hott-Wire MI cables and transfers it effectively to the elevated pavers.

Perfect for roofs, decks, platforms and anywhere else a pedestal paver system is used, this system is easily installed and can be customized for each project.


After the pedestals are installed, a bracket and aluminum pan are laid across a pair of pedestals. The pan contains grooves for the Hott-Wire MI cable. The Hott-Wire cables are installed into the grooves and the pavers are placed on top of the pedestals and pan. The pan is insulated to drive heat upward and into the pavers. The pans add less than 1/16” of height to the assembly, allowing the system to blend in seamlessly to the pedestal pavers.

pedestal paver system


This patent pending system is the first of its kind and brings the efficiency and effectiveness of resistance heating to pedestal paver systems. Each system is customized by the Warmquest team and manufacturer to meet the demands of the project.


Hott-Wire is incredibly robust, and used across North America for snow melting projects. The Pedestal Paver Snow Melt System enables this great heating element to be used in new ways, providing access and drainage to pedestal paver installations.




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What Customers are Saying

"We used ZMesh for our 4600 sq. ft. house on the main and upper floors, and Tuff Cable in concrete in the basement and garage. We live at 5300 feet and in a canyon so we have given the system a work out to keep our home warm.  It is marvelous to pad barefoot across hardwood and tile floors and have the floors be warm and cozy feeling." - Randy, Space Heating, Oakley UT