Tuff Cable





Highly durable and efficient, Tuff Cable is suitable for a wide range of snow melting, floor warming and roof deicing applications. Tuff Cable is designed for safety and the highest longevity with an industry leading warranty. 

WarmQuest's snow melting product installed to heat a ramp

Tuff Cable

Our Tuff Cable product is an incredibly durable 10 gauge coated copper cable heating element that is chemical and gasoline resistant. Tuff Cable can be used for floor warming, roof deicing, snow melting, and total space heating. It can be installed in concrete, asphalt, mortar or thinset, pavers, self leveling material, Heatizon Heatsink Kits for roofs, and Invizimelt Panels for roofs. Additionally, Tuff Cable can be retrofit into existing surfaces for snow melting applications. 

Utilizing state of the art components and low-voltage technology, our systems are virtually maintenance free, and safe and efficient in operation. Tuff Cable has a limited 25 year warranty and is engineered to provide simple and problem-free solutions. Tuff Cable has been in use since 1979.


WarmQuest's Tuff Cable installed in concrete for a heated driveway

Tuff Cable can be used in floor warming and space heating, roof deicing, and snow melting. It can be installed into existing asphalt or concrete via retrofit for snow melting. In roof deicing applications it can be installed underneath metal roofing materials via our Invizimelt Panels or Heatsink Kits. 


Most radiant heating systems on the market today are high voltage (120-480 volts), Tuff Cable operates at 65 volts or less. In addition to using safe low voltage technology, the control units incorporate self diagnosing and monitoring technology that relay information to the end user.

WarmQuest's Tuff Cable installed to heat an existing driveway via retrofit

Durable and Reliable

The Tuff Cable resistance heating element is manufactured of the finest materials. It does not corrode and is resistant to chemicals and oils. 

With no moving parts to replace or maintain, the Tuff Cable low voltage systems are long lasting and maintenance free.WarmQuest's Tuff Cable installed to heat metal roofing from underneath roofing material

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