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Get the Latest Snow Facts in our New Infographic

Snow Infographic clipLooking to move somewhere with ample snow? Or perhaps you are fed up with the snow the latest storm left on your driveway. We’ve put together this snow infographic illustrating some of the snowiest places in the country.

Snow Melting Systems in Action

Winter has arrived, and our recent storms have given us a great chance to see some of our local projects in action. With heavy snowfall that broke many records, it was great to see clear driveways and sidewalks. Let’s take a look at some of the photos we were able to gather. heated sidewalk

Heated Drainage- Case Study

In this case study, Hott-Wire was used to provide a path away from the building for water coming down a roof drain. 

Prior to the installation, ice would build up beneath the drain, creating a hazard for pedestrians and blocking vehicle parking.

heated drainage path

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