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Featured Project: Observatory Roof Deicing

observatory roof deicingThe Smithsonian Institution’s Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory is located southeast of Tucson, Arizona. While Arizona doesn’t exactly conjure up images of snow and ice, the observatory is located in the mountains at 8,585 feet and regularly deals with winter weather.

Learn how a custom roof deicing system was provided that allows the building to swivel and the roof to open and close. 

Groundhog Day

By now you've probably heard that the groundhog didn't see his shadow, and spring is on its way. But where does this tradition come from? And who exactly is the groundhog? groundhog day

Lake-Effect Snow

We recently put together an infographic on the snowiest areas in the United States. 

While plotting locations on a map, an interesting trend emerged. 

lake effect snow

We're Going to Florida!

RCI showWarmquest will be attending the 31st RCI International Convention and Trade Show in Orlando, Florida on March 10-15. Stay tuned for additional information!

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