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Seasons Greetings!

snowmanWarmquest would like to express our thanks to our friends and associates for contributing to a great year.

Warmquest has had the opportunity to contribute to an exciting variety of projects in 2016 and we look forward to continuing to provide radiant heating solutions to North America.

Thank you for your contributions to our success, and have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!

What Flooring Can Be Installed Over Radiant Heat?

“What type of floor covering can I use with radiant heat?” This is a fairly common question and in most cases, it is the wrong question. At Warmquest, we don’t believe that your flooring choice should be limited by your radiant heating system.

heated floors

Repairing Radiant Heat

One of the many strengths of electric radiant heat is the simplicity of repairing the heating element if something ever goes wrong. Warmquest works with unique, low voltage products which offer a significant benefit in the ease of installation and repair.

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Featured Project: Heated Bridge

heated bridgeThis medical facility at the University of Utah hospital required an icing solution for the main entrance. The entrance is a bridge, making the area especially susceptible to slippery conditions. To prevent slip and fall accidents and provide a clear area, Warmquest designed and installed a snow melting system for the bridge.

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