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Featured Project: Hotel Stairway Deicing

Heated Stair PansThis hotel near the Grand Canyon was concerned about icing on the stairways to the second floor. The stairs are a metal pan system, with concrete slabs as steps. Learn how Tuff Cable provided the perfect solution.  

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Deck Heating: What are the Options?

We recieve a lot of inquiries for deck snow melting systems. Learn what the options are, including some newly available products!

Deck Heating and Snow Melt

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Winter is Coming, Get your GutterMelt

It's heat cable season. Give us a call for special pricing on our GutterMelt cable. 

Gutter Deicing

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How Self Regulating Cable Works

self regulating cable

SR cable has the ability to regulate its temperature based on the surrounding conditions. This sounds a bit like voodoo, but we explain the mechanics in this article. 

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